Full Course List
SubjectCourse Code
Grade 9
Mathematics Academic MPM1D
Mathematics Applied MFM1P
Science Academic SNC1D
Science Applied SNC1P
English Academic ENG1D
English Applied ENG1P
International: Arabic Language LYAAD1
Core French Academic FSF1D
Core French Applied FSF1P
Geography CGC1D
Dramatic Arts ADA1O
Grade 10
Mathematics Academic MPM2D
Mathematics Applied MFM2P
Science Academic SNC2D
Science Applied SNC2P
English Academic ENG2D
English Applied ENG2P
International: Arabic Language LYABH1
Dramatic Arts ADA2O
Canadian History CHC2D
Food and Nutrition HFN2O
Civics CHV2O
Career Studies CHV2O
Grade 11
Functions and Relations, University Preparation MCR3U
Functions and Relations, College Preparation MCF3M
Mathematics of Personal Finance MBF3C1
Biology, University Preparation SBI3U
Biology, College Preparation SBI3C
Chemistry, University Preparation SCH3U
Chemistry, College Preparation SCH3C
Physics, University Preparation SPH3U
Physics, College Preparation SPH3C
English, University Preparation ENG3U
English, College Preparation ENG3C
Presentation and Speaking Skills, open EPS3O
International: Language Arabic LYACK1
Dramatic Arts ADA3O
Intro to Financial Accounting BAF3M
The Individual and the Economy CIE3M
Grade 12
Advanced Functions MHF4U
Calculus and Vectors MCV4U
Mathematics of Data Management, University Preparation MDM4U
Mathematics for College Technology, College Preparation MCT 4C
Biology, University Preparation SBI4U
Biology, College Preparation SBI4C
Chemistry, University Preparation SCH4U
Chemistry, College Preparation SCH4C
Physics, University Preparation SPH4U
Physics, College Preparation SPH4C
English, University Preparation ENG4U
English, College Preparation ENG4C
Studies in Literature, University Preparation ETS4U
International: Language Arabic LYADO1
Exercise Science PSE4U
Dramatic ARTS ADA4M
Food and Nutrition HFA4M
Canadian and World Issues CGW4U
Canadian and World Politics CPW4U
Canadian and International Law CLN4U
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